Liver Damage Symptoms – The Signs Of Inferior Liver Organ Health

So you’d like to find out some liver damage symptoms? Well they are several simple health issues that suggest liver organ problems. You simply need to determine what to look out for.

The liver organ is an extremely essential body organ which carries out crucial jobs to help keep you in tip-top health. The liver is a metabolically energetic body organ that carries out the following tasks:

Removal of bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones and drugs
Synthesis of plasma proteins like albumin as well as other clotting factors
Bile production and excretion
Storing of glycogen, vitamins and minerals
Blood detoxification and also purification
Enzyme activation
Metabolism of body fat, proteins and also carbohydrates

In truth the liver organ carriers out over five-hundred body functions altogether. Therefore it is truly essential that the liver is in top shape. So lets research liver damage symptoms.

Exhaustion as well as Tiredness

The very first liver damage symptom we are going to look at is the fact you feel tired at all times and also have no get up and go. This occurs because the liver processes proteins. If your liver is in not a position to accomplish this adequately as a result of poor liver health then it leads to tiredness because the protein evolves into harmful toxins when left unprocessed.

Abdominal Cramping Pains and Indigestion

Sometimes it is additionally bundled with the other liver damage symptoms of bowel obstruction, nausea as well as intolerance of fatty foods (e.g. muffins, pies and chips). The problem is bile production. Once your liver organ is in bad health bile production suffers which is essential for the digestion process.

When your liver organ is in bad health you’ll feel bloated and also have a lack of appetite. Please note nevertheless that there may be some other reasons for indigestion so dont presume it is a liver organ health issue.

Are The Eyes Yellowish?

When your eyes are yellow-colored then this could be a symptom of liver damage. The medical phrase for this ailment is jaundice and it is a sign of poor liver health. What happens is the liver organ also breaks down hemoglobin and when it does so it produces a yellow chemical known as bilirubin.

When the liver organ is impaired it accumulates in this important body organ not able to shift to other parts of the body. The result can be a yellowing of the skin and eyes.

Ideas To Help You Combat Liver Damage Symptoms

To support your own liver organ the right place to begin is to improve your eating habits. Eat more vegetables and fruits which contain vitamin C and those full of antioxidants.

Food items you need to steer clear of include those that are greasy as well as oily furthermore dont overdo the dairy products. Deep fried foods and also animal skins should be eaten in moderation too. If you eat an excessive amount of fat it’ll cause your liver organ to be overloaded and not work properly.

Stay Hydrated

You must remain hydrated which means drinking plenty of water daily. You have to avoid beverages which are full of additives, preservatives, sugar and also chemicals. Additionally this might seems rather obvious but guys and gals dont overdo the alcohol consumption either.

In Summary

Now to summarize there are some obvious liver damage symptoms that we have highlighted here and we have provided you a few suggestions that will help you fight liver damage symptoms. A great deal of this is simply common-sense however if you want a helping hand there are several all herbal liver cleanse products which can help.

Grow Longer And Healthier Hair With Mira Hair Oil

If you have never heard of Mira Hair Oil, then you are definitely missing out. Why? Because it is a remarkable product that will definitely leave you with a gorgeous head of hair. It will revitalize your hair, restore its shine and vitality, and repair any damage done to the scalp as a result of excessive hair drying. Mira Hair Oil is a natural herbal remedy that originated in southern India. It has been glowingly referred to as a miracle hair product, which gives you great looking hair, and conditions your scalp at the same time.

What is Mira Hair Oil?

Traditionally, Mira Hair Oil was handmade, but it is now manufactured on a much larger scale. It has been said that Mira Hair Oil is the secret to the beautiful, thick, wavy hair that many Indian women boast. Although it is now made commercially, the mixture remains true to the blend of natural herbal ingredients that give the Oil its unique properties, and scented fragrance. Mira Hair Oil is clear in color, and is 100% natural, with no added chemicals. Despite its commercial manufacture, it is just as effective today, as it was when it was handmade so many years ago. However, the herbal ingredients that produce these amazing results remain a secret.

The decision to manufacture Mira Hair Oil commercially, has not negatively affected its special benefits in any way. It is the same rare, unique product that it has always been. It continues to produce incredible results, with the same ingredients that have been blended for hundreds of years.

What exactly is all the hype about with Mira Hair Oil?

If you need to be convinced about the benefits of Mira Hair Oil, just do a quick search on the internet. A search is sure to turn up several pages of positive reviews about the product. Because so much excitement has surrounded it, many people wonder if the claims are all true. The truth is, many people (both women and men) who have bought the Oil and benefited from its use have posted encouraging reviews. These all attest to the marvel of Mira Hair Oil, in improving the health and vitality of your hair.

However, it is important to be careful when buying Mira Hair Oil, because there are some cheap imitations on the market. Be sure to avoid these, as they are made with chemicals, and not the safe blend of herbal ingredients that Mira Hair Oil is known for. To avoid being scammed, and ensure that you are getting the real thing, it is best to buy the product from a reputable website. The price might be a little higher than you expect, but you can be sure that you are paying for genuine, good quality, Mira Hair Oil.

Why would you choose Mira Hair Oil over a cheaper alternative?

When you use Mira Hair Oil, the results you see will last for a very long time. Buying an alternative product because of a lower price, or because it has a brand name that is easily recognized, is not always a good idea. Why? Because the results are often temporary; and disappear as soon as you stop using the product.

Another reason why cheaper is not always better, is that these products are often manufactured using chemicals that can damage your hair in the long run. So you might believe it is repairing your hair, but after a time, it ends up causing damage. In addition, the mix of chemicals can lead to an allergic reaction. This is not the case with Mira Hair Oil, because it is made from a mix of herbal ingredients.

Mira hair Oil has been used for many, many years, and during that time, there have been no reported cases of allergic reactions, or side effects. That is because the ingredients are 100% natural. They are designed to produce long lasting results, and repair your hair and scalp naturally. You will be astonished at the improvement in the look, and feel of your hair.

You can see it makes sense to pay a little more for the Mira Hair Oil with its beneficial herbal mix. Buying a cheaper, chemically infused alternative might cause you to end up spending more in the long term due to the possible damage that can result. Do your hair a favor and go the natural route!

Then Try These Healthy Suggestion, if You really want to Lose Weight

Are You Trying to Slim Down Give These Suggestions a Try/p>

Losing weight is a difficulty for many, however it does not have to an insurmountable one. Read through this article to find out lots of terrific ideas and ideas to help you lose weight.

Eating protein with each meal will certainly, produce weight reduction. Filling on lean protein will certainly be more pleasing to you then carbs or fats will. It will fill you up much faster and keep you complete for longer amount of times. If you fill on carbs, you will discover that about an hour or more later, you will be starving once more.

See to it to obtain the proper quantity of water every day. When your body is dehydrated, it tends to hold on to fat establishments because water is required to eliminate your system. Drinking enough water every day, specifically if you have not been, helps to flush your system and make you leaner.

Employ a pal to be your weight-loss workout pal. Not just will having a buddy hold you accountable so you won’t bypass your workout for a night on the couch, however it will certainly also inspire you to work harder. The friendly competitors will certainly stimulate you to push yourself a bit more throughout each workout.

Think about simply turning off the television if you really want to lose even more weight. When they combine eating with watching their preferred programs, studies have shown that individuals consume substantially more calories. Rather, take a seat together as a household and focus on talking with one another and enjoying your meal.

When you are enjoying what you eat, remember to also enjoy exactly what you consume. Research the calories of your preferred drinks so that you can fit them into your diet plan easily. Also, switch to “light” variations of your drinks of choice to ‘shave excess calories off’ your day-to-day intake.

Eating morning meal is among the most fundamental parts of slimming down. You have a much better chance at losing and preserving any weight loss when you consume morning meal. Starting your day off right sets up a positive mindset and assists you make practical options for the remainder of the day.

One easy method to trick yourself into consuming less is to make use of a smaller sized plate. When you use a large plate, you have tendency to desire to fill it. You can fill a small plate like a dessert plate to the edges without feeling guilty about eating everything on it.

To seriously contribute to your weight management efforts, drink 16 ounces of water right prior to a meal. Not only is it just plain healthy to start with, those 2 glasses of water will fill you up and no matter how great the meal is you will consume less! It could be simpler said than done, especially when you are starving but it is a fantastic method to actually slim down!

If you are attempting to drop weight throughout the holiday, it can be challenging with numerous celebrations and events where there are high fat, high calorie, foods and treats served. To keep yourself on track, consume a healthy and filling meal ahead of time. You can still indulge while you exist, however you will consume less than if you had appeared hungry.

You ought to not compare yourself to other individuals when trying to lose weight due to the fact that exactly what works for someone, could not work for another. People don’t drop weight at the same rate and the trick is to determine what works best for you then, stick with it. Keep in mind, the fundamental formula of using up even more calories than you take in, consume a lot of water, and eat healthy, for your plan to work.

Discover a non-food means to reward your efforts. Rather of treating yourself to a hot fudge sundae for reaching a weight-loss or fitness objective, treat yourself to a new workout outfit, a round of mini-golf or a spa treatment. This will certainly train your brain to associate success with these type of activities, as opposed to food.

Ideally, a few of these tips will assist you in reaching your objective. Experimentation and education to see what will certainly work in your situation will be crucial in reaching your objectives. If you stick to it, whether you can get there in a month or even 6 you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Reducing weight is a difficulty for a lot of people nevertheless it does not have to an insurmountable one. There are great deals of approaches to make your fat burning goal more easily accessible. You can regularly try something else if one approach does not work for you. The necessary thing is to keep at it. Examine out with this short article to discover lots of fantastic concepts and suggestions to assist you drop weight.

Eating protein with each meal will certainly, cause fat burning. Filling on lean protein will certainly be more satisfying to you then carbs or fats will.

Ensure to get the appropriate amount of water every day. When your body is dehydrated, it has the tendency to hold on to fat shops considering that water is required to eliminate your system.

Ideally, a few of these weight loss tips will certainly help you in reaching your goal. Testing and education to see precisely what will certainly work in your situation will certainly be very important in reaching your goals. Whether you can arrive in a month, you can obtain your weight management goals if you follow it.

Healthy Benefits Drink Your Own Home Brew Beer

Beer is the new health drink? Binge drinking aside, in moderation beer actually has healthful effects. Studies reported below illustrate many benefits from consuming beer. Home brewed beer is even better than commercial beer because it has no artificial colors, additives, preservatives or flavors.


Here are only a few of the ways that home brewed beer is good for you:

-The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center discovered (in May, 1999) that moderate beer drinking reduces the chances of getting coronary heart disease by over 30%. Impressive!

-“The New England Journal of Medicine” found (in November, 1999) that moderate beer drinkers decrease the chances of suffering a stroke by 20%.

-The TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute discovered that homebrewed beer contains vitamin B6, which prevents the accumulation of the amino acid homocysteine (reputed to cause vascular and heart disease). Beer improves vitamin B6 absorption into the blood plasma by 30%.

-Home brewed beer is a stress reliever. Try a quick experiment, if you have any doubt. Even the process of making beer is relaxing.

-Studies have shown that beer increases good cholesterol and decreases blood clot production. Home brewed beer contains no bad cholesterol and no fat.

-Drinking home brewed beer aids blood vessel dilation, sleep, and eases urination in elderly people.


If the above information has whetted your appetite, let’s next consider a typical MYTH: that it is prohibitively expensive to make your own beer. No way!

Forget those huge expensive vats that you have no doubt seen. Basically you only need 2 pieces of equipment: a small fermenter (to store the beer during the fermentation process) and a hydrometer (to know exactly when the beer has finished fermenting). That’s all for equipment.

The final thing you’ll need are consumable ingredients: a can of malt and hops mixture, and some brewing yeast. You can select from lots of basic flavors and styles, also you can customize your own brews with many additional ingredients for your own secret recipes.

It’s very simple to brew your own beer at home. Place a container of malt mix into the fermenter, add water, add yeast, and seal. A few days later use the hydrometer to know precisely when it is finished and ready to drink. Place it into bottles and get ready for your friends to be amazed at your new skill.

It’s simple to get started with home brewing kits readily available online. And it’s cheap — your beer only costs around $5 a GALLON!


Now you have even more reasons to start making your own delicious beer at home. It’s better and cheaper than store-bought beer, plus it’s better for you. So you can drink (responsibly) guilt-free.

How To Use Of Occupational Health Safety Policy Templates

Companies with a minimum of 5 or a lot of staff are mandated by law to come back up with a transparent, written occupational health and safety policy. In some jurisdictions, this can be associate degree actual demand before businesses are awarded the required permits to start out operations. Thus, it’s important for business homeowners to draw up their own health and safety policies and procedures. Such an OH&S documents would signify their commitment to the welfare of their staff, notwithstanding however little their company is.

Companies concerned in risky or occupationally dangerous jobs would profit most from a written health and safety policy. Samples of such firms would be those within the construction, surveying, mining, and producing industries, among several others. Contrary to what business homeowners or company management would possibly assume, penning this variety of policy isn’t very that troublesome. For one, they’ll reference previous policies or consult alternative firms within the same trade.

These days, such reference OHSAS documents are literally obtainable on the web. There are policy templates that may be downloaded and used as a place to begin for businesses to develop their own distinctive health and safety policies.

However, it should be noted that such templates would ordinarily be terribly basic solely. Theyd define or counsel the essential topics on health and safety that companies ought to cowl, however since business operations are fully alike, the precise details have to be compelled to be stuffed in.

The best thanks to create use of associate degree existing template are to travel over it throughout associate degree organized meeting. The meeting ought to have representatives from all groups within the company, from higher management right down to rank and file staff and laborers.

All sectors of stakeholders ought to be drawn so as for the policy to be encompassing and democratic. Another good thing about this exercise is that the full company is engaged within the strict implementation of the policies. What sensible would policies be if staff aren’t in on the program? Internal cascading of the policies, through trainings, workshops, seminars, and city hall conferences, is incredibly necessary.

List of occupational Health Safety Policy

Electrical work policy and standards
Working at height policy and customary
Safe driving policy and customary
Work allow policy and customary
Office safety customary and policy
OHS management policy and customary for sub contractor/vendor
Incident investigation and coverage policy and customary
Major emergency response set up at website
Major emergency response set up at workplace

Skin Care From Smart Health Shop

Skin care From Smart Health Shop

The scorching sun is a difficult time for you when it comes to the protection of your skin. It is the time when you should be more careful about your skin. Because, the unbearable heat can do a great damage to the skin in the form of sun burn and dehydration. There are some precautions you need to follow along with some simple methods to preserve your skin in this hot summer.

Its better to clean your skin using any good scrub at least two or three times in a week. You can make a better scrub mixing sandal wood, gram flour, multani mitti and rose water. This scrub can moisturize and make your skin more clean and soft. In the summer season, the best moisturizer you can have is fruit facial masks. You can prepare them easily by blending pulps of different fruits. But, you need to make sure that you apply these self made fruit masks before they lose their vitamins.

Skin care From Smart Health Shop: If you have acne problems in this season, the best remedy is to use Mango pulp on your skin. Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are common problems in the hot weather. In order to avoid them, you can use grapes, which nourish and moisturis your skin. Black heads are the another common problem found in this season. You can have papaya pulp as a fine remedy to black heads and blotchy skin. If you wish to keep your skin fresh and healthy all the time, application of water melon juice on your face is the better method.

Enough moisturising creams and similar products are widly available in the market. But if you wish to use more effective and natural stuff, you can prefer cucumber to apply on your face. Applying the mixture of cucmber juice and rose water on the face can make the skin more cool and moisturised. In summer, usually skin gets dull beacause of the unbearable heat and it is one of the main concerns also. Cocunut water is the best ingredient to avoid such problems. You can rub your face with fresh cocunut water or use it as a lotion and make your skin more bright. Fresh cocunut water is also proven to be a good ingredient to avoid heat rash in the summer.

Since the heat affects the eyes and skin under them very rapidly, its important you to protect the eyes from sun using cooling glasses. You also need to have enough sleep and a morning face wash with rose water in a day. Both practices preserve your eyes and skin very well. In summer, another problem we usually find is the chapped lips. If this problem bothers you, you can rub rose petals on your lips every day befor you go to bed. Sun burn is the most common problem in the scorching summer. Using a yogurt mask or rubbing ice cubes on your face can be the easiest ways to get rid of sunburn.

Dabur NUTRiGO- A treasure of health

Dabur NUTRiGO is a contemporary and modern health supplement offering from the house of Dabur. Dabur has been the pioneer in health and well being in India, catering to the needs of consumers for over 125 years with great success. Dabur NUTRiGO is a health supplement that has an optimal mix of vital nutrients like essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Special natural extracts. RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) is the minimum quantity of essential nutrients that are required to be consumed daily for maintaining good health and well being. In India these values are defined by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Given the distinct physiologies of men and women, Dabur Research and Development Center has formulated two offerings to meet the specific nutrition and anti-oxidant requirements of men and women in Urban India. Men facing the problem of fatigue and loss of stamina must realize that it is the very first symptom of the degeneration of their health which can lead to serious diseases and problems in the medium to long term. Dabur NUTRiGO Total contains beneficial ingredients like Ginseng, Lycopene, Iron and Selenium so that he can continue feeling energised and more importantly guard aspects of long-term health like Heart Health, Bone Health. Dabur NUTRiGO Total is a man’s ideal, daily health ally in his struggle to stay healthy. Women finding that they have -lost that spark-, in other words reduced energy level & perceptibly reduced skin & hair quality must realize that the issue is more than just skin deep. With Children and family topping the charts in a long list of priorities that she must juggle, she hardly finds any time to take care of herself. Beauty regimens and rejuvenating treatments are more often than not, only on the surface and have a very short-lived effect. Also they are not possible to sustain on a daily basis. Dabur NUTRiGO Woman contains wonderful ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil, Green tea extract, Folic Acid, Biotin, and Iron that can keep her skin glowing, hair healthy and her life full of vivacity! Dabur NUTRiGO Woman is today’s woman’s ideal, daily health ally.

Days Balanced Healthy Diet Plan

As the authors say, using this balanced healthy diet for one week, you will clear your body from toxins, stimulate work of bowel, increase vitamins levels, stabilize sugar level in blood and in addition lose about 8 pounds.

This balanced healthy diet contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, is rich in fibre which stimulates digestion, intensifying the burning of fats, and cleans bowel from harmful products of metabolism.

Balanced healthy diet rules:

During the week you need to drink at least 2 litres of liquid each day.
Before going to bed you need to drink a glass of fat-free yogurt.

Prohibited products:
fat meat and meat products;
white bread and confectionery products;
pasta and grains (except oatmeal);
fat milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt;
sugar and sweets;

Recommended products:
non-fat meat, chicken, fish;
any vegetables and fruits;
fat-free milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese;
Grain bread;
vegetable oil (corn, olive, sunflower);

Sample menu for the week:

1st day
Breakfast – half a grapefruit, sprinkled with cinnamon, a piece of cheese, rye crackers, tea without sugar.
Lunch vegetable soup, boiled chicken breast (100 g), carrot salad with corn oil, a glass of plum juice.
Snack – glass of natural yogurt with honey (1 spoon).
Dinner oatmeal (with water) with dried or fresh fruit, 1 glass of yogurt.

2nd day
Breakfast – (kiwi, banana, raspberry) with natural yogurt.
Lunch vegetable soup with crackers, salad (avocado, tomato, cucumber, lettuce leaves with lemon juice and olive oil) and a fresh peach.
Snack – herbal tea (1 glass).
Dinner boiled fish (100 g), boiled potato, boiled courgettes with olive oil (100 g), tea.

3rd day
Breakfast strawberries (100 g), fresh orange juice.
Lunch vegetable soup, 2-3 boiled potatoes stuffed with tuna, cottage cheese and sweet corn, 2 fresh tomatoes, 5-6 fresh plums.
Snack – fresh fruit puree with natural yogurt.
Dinner – boiled chicken (100 g), boiled brown rice (50 g), salad of fresh vegetables, and a glass of warm milk.

4th day
Breakfast – muesli (30 g) with fat-free milk, fresh fruit, coffee.
Lunch vegetable soup, boiled chicken, salad of cabbage and cucumber with fresh vegetable oil and lemon juice, apple juice (1 glass).
Snack – fresh fruit salad.
Dinner – oatmeal with honey and a piece of cheese, yogurt (1 glass).

Breakfast – salad of pears, apples, bananas with yogurt, crackers, coffee with milk.
Lunch – Vegetable soup, cauliflower and strawberries with fat-free milk.
Snack sandwich: black bread with salad and pieces of avocado, orange juice (1 glass).
Dinner – 2-3 apples and natural yogurt, a piece of cheese, rye crackers, tea.

Breakfast – toast and roasted tomatoes with sprinkled parsley or celery, tea with honey.
Lunch – fish soup with vegetables, rye crackers, stewed beef liver (100 g) with garnish of boiled beets, tomato juice (1 glass).
Snack – muesli with natural fat yogurt.
Dinner – stewed liver (150 g), boiled potato (2 paces.), 2 tomatoes, tomato juice (1 glass).

Breakfast – a piece of ham, tomato, pineapple (100 g), warm milk (1 glass).
Lunch – Vegetarian vegetable soup with low fat sour cream, stewed fish (100 g), garnished with boiled beans and lettuce leaves, 2 apples.
Snack – a glass of fruit juice.
Dinner – boiled salmon (150 g), fresh salad of cabbage with olives with lemon juice, kiwi fruit and tea.

Dont forget to consult your doctor before applying any of these daily diet plans.

Underweight Health Risks, Natural Cure For Underweight Issue

If being overweight is source of many health related issues than being underweight is no less serious threat to health, there are host of underweight health risks and natural cure for underweight problems is the safest way of treating them. In women during their reproductive years lesser weight can even lead to infertility, it is one of the biggest causes of cessation of menstruation and dysfunctional ovulation. Underweight men and women have much higher chances of suffering with osteoporosis or fragile bones due to lack of calcium in the body either due to poor diet or poor lifestyle. Another health risk associated with being underweight is anemia, this problem is caused due to less number of red blood cells in the blood, and this red pigment in the blood is responsible for carrying oxygen.

Due to anemia men and women can suffer with number of health problems. Poor immunity system is also associated with being underweight, people not consuming sufficient diet or healthy diet may have vitamin deficiencies, poor vitamin supply to body weakens immunity system to expose the body to various disorders, infections and diseases. Joint pain, Anorexia, Bulimia, fatigue and decreased muscle strength are other health risks associated with being under-weight. Sudden weight loss in men, women, elderly people or children may suggest presence of Diabetes type 1. Pregnant women may face lots of problems during pregnancy due to lesser weight and may also negatively affect development of fetus as well as overall health of the baby. To remove underweight health risks natural cure for underweight problems are safe and very effective methods.

FitOfat capsules are purely herbal supplements which have been made by using powerful and strong herbs to counter underweight health risks and natural cure for underweight problems. These capsules contain herbs which are very effective in increasing appetite and improving digestive system. Increased appetite and upbeat digestive system together allow a person to consume food in sufficient quantity and proper digestion ensures proper nourishment of the bodily organs. The herbs used in preparing FitOfat capsules are rich sources of all the essential nutrients which human body needs for sound health and proper weight.

These capsules supplement the body with vital nutrients in right doses which may not be easily available through diet to increase healthy weight and counter problems like anemia, weak immunity and osteoporosis. Use of FitOfat capsules increases cell reproduction, provide higher energy levels and maintain healthy hormonal balance to ensure proper absorption of all the nutrients by the body for healthy and fast weight gain. People mostly eat less or suffer with lesser weight due to slowness of digestive and excretory system.

FitOfat capsules contain herbs which are magical in improving digestion and also maintaining healthy excretion of waste matter to prevent toxin buildup in the body. FitOfat capsules are purely herbal and energize muscles and promote growth of lean muscle mass, these also purify blood and maintain bone density and their strength for strong musculoskeletal system. FitOfat capsules can negate underweight health risks and provide natural cure for underweight problems. These are safe for men and women of any age.

Health Insurance Explained In Plain English – Part 1

Understanding health insurance and the health industry is much easier if you recognize some of the basic terminology and how it applies to you and your health insurance policy. If you have a health insurance plan and arent sure how it works or what the terminology means, take a few minutes to read the explanations below. Knowing these terms and what they mean to you can greatly aid you in dealing with your health care providers, insurance company, insurance agent, or during the health benefits shopping process.

Benefit Year
This is the 12-month period in which your benefits are calculated. Most insurance companies use a CALENDAR year, which is January 1 to December 31, but a few will use a 12 month period from when your policy goes into effect. For example, if your insurance goes into effect on June 1, the END of your benefit year is May 31. Make sure that you understand how your benefit year will be calculated.

Deductible means the amount of money you must pay out of your pocket for medical expenses EACH YEAR before your health insurance begins paying out. Deductibles are usually reset to 0 at the beginning of each calendar or benefit year. Many insurance companies offer health plans that have benefits that are not subject to having to meet your deductible each year such as doctors office visits, immunizations, wellness or routine exams, etc. An easy way to remember what this term means and how it works is this:

When you have incurred medical expenses, all bills must be sent to the insurance company. When the insurance company looks at your bills, they then look at your policy and see how things are covered. They will then add up what the combined medical expenses have been for the year to date: determine what your deductible is and how much you have already paid towards meeting your deductible for the year, and pay out according to how your insurance policy says it will.

So in a nutshell, the insurance company is deducting your financial responsibility for medical expenses each year from the total combined medical expenses before they have any responsibility to pay outhence the term deductible.

A co-pay is an amount that is paid by the patient to a provider at the time of service. It will either be a flat fee (like $15 or $20) or it can be a percentage of the service provided. The percentages or fee may vary depending on the type of service provided. A co-pay is different than coinsurance see next.

Coinsurance is the percentage paid by the insurance company after you pay the deductible. Example: Your health insurance pays 70%, you pay 30%. The insurance company pays 70% coinsurance, you pay 30% coinsurance. Most health insurance policies will have a limit on the amount of coinsurance you have to pay out each year this is known as your Annual Coinsurance Maximum or Stop-loss.

Annual Coinsurance Maximum
After paying your deductible and after paying your coinsurance (classically 20% or 30% of medical expenses) to a certain dollar amount, your health insurance will pay 100% for the remaining costs in the calendar year. Example: After you pay your deductible, your health insurance pays 70% of medical expenses and you pay 30%. Once you reach the coinsurance maximum, you no longer pay 30% of the medical expenses because the insurance pays 100%.

Out of Pocket Maximum or Stop Loss
Stop Loss is the maximum amount of money you will have to pay out of your pocket in the benefit year.

Lifetime Maximum
This is the limit of the money the health insurance will pay out over your lifetime. Most major medical health insurance policies will be a $2 million lifetime maximum, while others will go as high as a $12 million lifetime maximum. In general, it is not recommended to have a policy with less than a $2 million lifetime maximum.

Office Visits
When you visit a doctor in their office they normally bill the health insurance company for an “office visit.” Most health insurance plans pay office visit expenses at the coinsurance (generally 70% or 80%) after the deductible. Some health insurance plans pay office visit expenses at the coinsurance rate but waive the deductible, which means you dont have to reach the deductible amount before they will cover their portion of the expense. Still other health insurance plans pay office visit expenses in full after a co-pay (usually $25 or $30). It should also be noted that office visits can be classified in two different categories. One category is usually called Routine Care, Wellness visits or Preventative care (see definition below). The other type of office visit is deemed as Medically Necessary (see definition below). Certain health insurance policies cover each of these types of visits differently and other plans do not cover them at all. If having these types of office visits covered by your health insurance policy is important to you, make sure you let your agent know so that they can help find the right plan for you.

Preventive Care
Preventive Care is classically defined as routine exams, immunizations, well child care, and cancer screenings. These include your yearly exams and checkups for things such as physicals, pap smears, mammograms, etc. Not all plans cover preventive care. It may not be a wise use of your money to have preventative care included in your plan if you never go to the doctor. A good health insurance agent can help you determine if this is necessary coverage for you.

Medically Necessary
These are the visits utilized for your smaller ailments such as colds, flu, ear infections or minor accidents. Not all plans cover medically necessary visits, so make sure you know if your policy includes these exams if you need them covered. You may consider purchasing accident insurance or adding a rider (explained below) to your policy to cover these types of issues.

Diagnostic Lab and X-Ray
These are tests involving laboratory or imaging services (such as x-ray, CAT scan, etc.) to diagnose a health problem. These services are usually paid at the coinsurance (typically 70% or 80%) after the deductible.

Chiropractic Care
When you visit a chiropractor for spinal manipulation or other services, these expenses are customarily paid at the coinsurance rate (70% or 80%) either after the deductible is met, or by waiving the deductible. Most health insurance plans limit the number of chiropractic visits/services to 10 or 12 per year especially if the deductible is waived. After this, additional visits are not paid by the health insurance plan, and you will be responsible for the full amount of the bill.

Inpatient or Outpatient Care
When you receive care from a hospital (inpatient or outpatient services), these expenses are customarily paid at the coinsurance rate (70% or 80%) after the deductible has been met.

Emergency Room
When you receive care from a hospital emergency room, these expenses are customarily paid at the coinsurance level (70% or 80%) after the deductible. Most health insurance plans also require you to pay an additional co-pay (commonly $75-$100) for each emergency room visit. A number of plans waive this additional co-pay if you are actually admitted to the hospital through the emergency room and the plan will pay as an inpatient service. A plan can sometimes be structured to have separate coverage for accidents as an additional rider (see definition below) to your policy.

Prescription Medications
Prescription medications can be classified as generic, brand name, or non-preferred brand name (see below for definitions). Please Note: Not all health insurance plans pay for prescription drugs, so if you already take prescription drugs or think you will need help in the future with prescription drugs, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing a plan that includes this coverage. Prescription drugs may be covered at the coinsurance rate (70-80%) after a deductible specifically for prescription drugs is met, other plans may include Prescription drugs in the total deductible for the plan.

Generic Medications
Drug manufacturers are permitted to sell a generic version of a medication after the patent expires for the brand name medication (generally 20 years after the brand name medication was registered). Generic medications are equivalent to the corresponding brand name medication, but are much less expensive than the brand name medication. Health insurance plans frequently provide better payment for generic medications as an incentive for you to ask for the generic version. About half of all prescription medications filled in the United States are filled with generic medications.

Brand Name Medications
Brand name medications are more expensive than generic medications. Most health insurance plans create a limited list of brand name medications that they will pay for and many health insurance plans also provide less coverage for brand name medications than for their generic counterparts.

Non-Preferred Brand Name Medications
Most health insurance plans create a limited list of brand name medications they will pay for. If your brand name medication is not on this list, it might be paid at a lower level under “Non-Preferred Brand Name Medications.”

Some health insurance plans cover the cost of maternity, which includes doctor and hospital charges for prenatal care as well as labor and delivery. Maternity is expensive to add into a health insurance policy because it is considered a guaranteed expense for the insurance company. If a woman becomes pregnant, it is a safe bet that there is going to be medical expenses incurred! If there are no complications and the birth goes well, the insurance company will be out a large monetary portion of the cost of delivery and even more if there are problems with the delivery or the newborn. Insurance companies price maternity so that they can still maintain profits. In some cases it may be best to save your money and pay for the prenatal care and the delivery out of your own pocket (or on a credit card) and let the insurance cover the catastrophic events. The difference you save in the monthly cost of having maternity coverage may be well worth it to you. Remember, once you have a policy that covers maternity, you cant just remove the maternity coverage after the pregnancy is done! You will continue to pay for that maternity coverage for as long as you have that policy.

Mammography is a specific type of imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system for the examination of breasts to detect early breast cancer in women experiencing no symptoms and to detect and diagnose breast disease in women experiencing symptoms. Current guidelines from the American Cancer Society (ACS), and the American Medical Association (AMA) recommend a screening mammography every year for women, beginning at age 40. Various plans will have automatic coverage for mammograms but some will not. Several states (like Washington State, for example) have specific guidelines that require companies to have coverage for mammograms in their policies as an automatic benefit.

Mental Health
Outpatient mental health services include visits to a licensed counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist. Inpatient mental health services include admission to a psychiatric hospital. Many plans do not cover mental health services.

Rehabilitation Therapy
Rehabilitation therapy may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, message therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, and chronic pain therapy. Most health insurance plans limit rehabilitation therapy to a certain number of visits per calendar year or to a certain dollar amount that they will pay for rehabilitation for either the year or for a lifetime.

Anything that changes the way your policy acts by default is called a Rider. A rider can be anything from an exclusion of coverage for a medical condition, or additional coverage for potential conditions. (As in an accident rider mentioned earlier in this report)

Occupational Coverage/On the job coverage
The largest portion of health insurance plans do not cover occupational related medical expenses. This can be a HUGE pitfall for self employed people. Always make sure that if you need to be covered while you are working that your plan will give you on the job coverage. If you get injured or sick while you are on the job and you do not have Workmans Compensation or Labor and Industries accident coverage, you may have to pay for ALL medical expenses out of your own pocket.

Vision Coverage
Vision coverage is usually broken into two parts: vision exam, and vision hardware. Vision exam benefits include the cost of a refractive exam used to test vision acuity (20/20, 20/40, etc.). Vision hardware represents the cost of eye glasses or contact lenses. A number of health insurance plans do not cover vision exams or hardware. However, medical issues relating to the health of the eye (like Glaucoma) are almost always covered under the regular medical portion of the health insurance plan.

Doctor Directory
Each insurance company will have a list of doctors that the company has negotiated terms for payment of services with. You can go to the insurance company’s website to find a listing of contracted preferred providers.

This information may help you understand a policy that you already have, or aid you in understanding a policy that you may be thinking about purchasing. The more knowledge you have about what the industry jargon means, the more you will be able to make informed decisions about the insurance you choose to use.