Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses From Ohss Ireland’s Leading Occupational Health And Safety Bas

OHSS was established in 2001 as an Occupational Health and Safety based consultancy with specialists in the area of Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses.

Ohss provide the following services and assesments in the area of Safety Services & Consultancy, Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses:
Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses From OHSS
The Asbestos Removal and Awareness Courses run by OHSS are designed for all companies or organisations where employees are liable to encounter asbestos. The current Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations 2006 lay down very strict guidelines in relation to asbestos.
OHSS can advise and train clients on the requirements necessary to ensure that they understand their responsibilities in relation to asbestos coupled with practical advice on the measures necessary to adhere to the current regulations.
Who Should Attend?
All organisations and companies but most commonly councils, HSE, schools & universities, factories, offices, government bodies, banks, shops, pubs & breweries, other building occupiers, contractors to the construction industry and to the building services industry.
Typical course attendees include managers, supervisors, tradesmen, surveyors, construction professionals such as engineers and safety officers.

Asbestos Training Courses
* Asbestos Awareness
* Low Risk Asbestos Removal Operative
* Asbestos Removal New Operative
* Asbestos Removal New Supervisor
* Asbestos Removal – Operative Refresher
* Asbestos Removal – Supervisor Refresher
* Managing Asbestos for Supervisory Licence holders
* BOHS P401 – Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples
* BOHS P402 – Building Surveys & Bulk Sampling
* BOHS P403 – Asbestos Fibre Counting
* BOHS P405 – Management of Asbestos in Buildings
* BOHS P406 – Supervision and Management of the Safe Removal & Disposal of Asbestos
* BOHS S301 – Asbestos and Other Fibres