Q&A: Are Vibram FiveFingers Right for You?

You may have seen people from time to time, wearing those odd looking “toe shoes,” called FiveFingers, with individual toe pockets. If you have not yet had the pleasure of owning a pair, you may have a lot of questions. Here is some information about them so you can make an educated decision about whether they would be right for you.

Q: Why are they called FiveFingers?

A: The style of shoe was invented in Italy. The designer convinced the Vibram company, who makes shoe soles for many other brands, into manufacturing the shoe. The word for “toe” is the same as for the word for “finger” in Italian. Since they are a bit like a glove for your feet, it is a just a clever play on words.

Q: What is good about having toe pockets?

A: After you have worn FiveFingers shoes for a while, you will notice something very interesting happening to your body. You will find that you walk differently and use your toes differently. You will gain seemingly “new” muscles in your toes, feet, ankles and calves. Your toes will spread out and you will use your toes more for balance and stability. For example, if you like to hike in the woods, you may walk over uneven terrain, walk on logs or even hop from rock to rock in a stream. You will find yourself curling your toes around the contours of obstacles and you will become very aware of what is under your feet. You will become as sure-footed as a mountain goat. The new mechanics of walking you will use will have a transformative effect on your body. You will become stronger and may even experience a relief of chronic back or knee pain. You may even start to feel odd wearing “regular” shoes, and feel like your toes are unnaturally constrained in normal shoes.

Q: Will they support my arches?

A: The short answer is no. Much advertising goes into pushing shoe features of comfort, arch support, and padding. There is also a huge business for shoe inserts and custom orthotics. Some people find this to be one big scam, and note that sometimes the first thing a podiatrist wants to talk about is selling you hundreds of dollars worth of custom orthotics, before they have even examined you. You can think of FiveFingers shoes as being like going barefoot, but with something akin to a second, super durable extra skin, to protect your feet from cuts and to give you extra traction. They are just a fraction of an inch thick and are made of durable material and rubber. Our bodies evolved to our current shape before shoes were invented. We are built to be barefoot. One of their models is called Bikila, and is named after a famous Ethiopian runner, Abebe Bikila, who won the Olympic Marathon barefooted. After you get used to wearing Fivefingers, your muscles will adapt and you won’t need the padding and arch supports of regular shoes.

Q: Can wearing them hurt me?

A: Actually, yes. You may have heard that Vibram was sued, because of the results of a study that showed that some new users ran in them and got stress fractures. You can take these results with a grain of salt though. Most of us, who are not trained runners, run badly. Most people pound their feet into the pavement when they run and don’t have good body mechanics. All that padding and support in traditional shoes does help reduce the damage we cause to ourselves with bad technique. If you run badly and run with FiveFingers or even barefoot, you can hurt yourself. Some professional athletes train in FiveFingers to help enforce proper technique. If you get Fivefingers, as the enclosed literature and information on their website suggests, wear them just a few hours a day at first and learn how to use proper movement techniques before you do full-scale workouts or running. Once you get used to them and the new way of walking or running, you may never want to take them off.

Q: Will my feet get wet or cold?

A: Maybe. They do have models that are waterproof, but most are not. If you are in a heavy rain or step in a creek or puddle, your feet will get wet. Spraying your shoes with a waterproofing spray, like you would use on jackets, helps them be more water resistant. You just probably won’t want to wear them in the snow.

Q: How do I make sure they fit right?

A: Whether you buy them in a brick-n-mortar store or online, you should at least try each model on in a store before purchase. Vibram usually has at least 15 model styles available at a time, with new ones coming out each season. Each model has slight differences in the fit. You may find that because of the shape of your particular feet, the toes might be too long or short on a particular model, or that you prefer speed laces over the velcro strap closures. About half of US shoe stores carry their shoes and you can find them in almost any shopping mall. They are fit in European sizes, measured in centimeters. Once you know your size and which kind you want, you can save a lot of money, by shopping for them online, at stores such as Groupon Coupons page for EastBay.

Q: They are so light and thin, will I cut my feet if I step on rocks or glass?

A: No. They are virtually indestructible. Walking on gravel is a bit disconcerting at first, but you will quickly get used to feeling exactly what is underfoot and actually may really learn to love the extra sensory input. For example, the vibrations you feel in your feet, driving a sports car while wearing FiveFingers makes the car feel more of an extension of your body, and can be quite fun.

So if you haven’t tried FiveFingers, go out and get yourself a pair soon. You may never want to wear regular shoes again.

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What you can gain from entering the health care sector


Healthcare is considered one of the top employment sectors in the US right now. Healthcare jobs are often well-paid and include excellent benefits packages alongside the great feeling of doing a vital job helping and caring for other people. For the top jobs, you also need to be extremely well qualified, but it is also possible to enter the healthcare sector without an extensive academic background.

Job satisfaction

To become a qualified doctor requires a college degree followed by medical school and usually an internship, but the rewards in terms of job satisfaction and salary are considerable. Dentistry is another popular choice of medical career, and dentists are some of the most highly paid healthcare professionals in the US. After all, while we may go many years without seeing a doctor, most of us recognize the necessity of visiting the dentist for a check-up at least every six months. As a result, this highly skilled job is regarded as essential to every community.

Becoming a dental hygienist is also considered an excellent career, assisting dentists and providing counselling and advice on oral health. Dental hygienists often work in schools, colleges and corporations or hold research positions. Over half of all American dental hygienists work part-time, earning around $34 per hour. This allows for a great work-life balance, and could be a perfect choice for a working mother or someone pursuing further studies.

Increasing demand

Occupational and physical therapists are in increasing demand as the population ages while other jobs within the sector include sonographer, medical technician, pharmacist, nutritionist, optician, home health aide, paramedic, and vet. Working abroad can also widen your options and your experience. It is also worth remembering that healthcare is a business, and so there are also many rewarding business roles in the industry as well as those jobs on the frontline.

Working abroad

Dr. Marie Charles is a global healthcare entrepreneur who founded the Tiger Healthcare Private Equity Fund and the Global Medic Force. While she initially trained as a doctor, her experiences working abroad convinced Dr. Charles that she could do more good by working to improve healthcare infrastructure around the world. Aiming to offer affordable quality treatment in developing countries, she works with multinational investors and sponsors to fill gaps in the healthcare system across Africa and Asia.

Global Medic Force continues to work with thousands of volunteers around the world. They are carefully selected and then trained to work with a wide range of illnesses, giving the volunteers invaluable practice and experience for their future careers. Other independent international medical organizations, such as the Red Cross or Medecins Sans Frontieres, also take on trained medical staff, both paid and unpaid, to work in parts of the world blighted by poverty, disease, war or natural disasters.

Whatever area of the healthcare sector you choose to work in, volunteering is a great way to gain a wide range of experience and make an informed choice. Healthcare is an immensely rewarding field, and working abroad will give you a broader perspective that could be life-changing, for you as well as the people you help along the way.

Do I Have What It Takes to Become a Sports Coach?

A career in sports coaching can be hugely rewarding, engaging a variety of people and enabling them to reach their full athletic potential. The enormous benefits of exercise and sport are now common knowledge, and there is a range of information available for free, meaning that the professional coaching industry is now more competitive than ever. To make a viable career as a sports coach — benefiting both yourself and others — there are a few key components to consider.


Image Credit


The most successful sports coaches often differ in their approaches or emphases, but there are a few things they all have in common: a passion for their chosen sport, excellent communication skills, knowledge, leadership and a genuine wish to see others succeed. Be sure that your motivation is there from the beginning, and work hard to address gaps in your knowledge and experience.


For the highest levels of sports coaching, it will be necessary to attain certain qualifications, and these can vary greatly from discipline to discipline. Do your research and consider carefully what would be the most appropriate way to become qualified. Perhaps you already have significant local or national experience in the sport you wish to coach, in which case a qualification that emphasises how to communicate some of the knowledge you already have will best. Or maybe you have participated in a wide variety of sports, but nutrition and general fitness are your passions – you could perhaps consider a career in personal training or as a gym instructor. Websites such as those of the National Career Service or Sport England, for example, which publish information on sports initiatives in England, can be really helpful.


Consider volunteering as an assistant to a coach or pursuing an apprenticeship for on-the-job training. If you already have some teaching experience or would like to try your hand at coaching immediately, organisations such as http://www.sportplan.net/ offer a range of routines and plans to try, including circuit training, field hockey drills or other fun and engaging activities for a range of abilities.

If you choose to embark upon a career in sports coaching, a varied, exciting and rewarding job awaits you. With a combination of knowledge, determination, qualifications and experience, you will ensure your place in a competitive but growing industry.

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A Health Spending Account Is As Essential As A Bank Account For Small Canadian Businesses

A Health Spending Account is a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) that provides a tax free benefit that a corporation (as an employer) provides to employee-owners, employees and their dependents. A Health Spending Account can be used as a standalone plan, or, if you have an existing health insurance plan (e.g., Blue Cross, Manulife, etc), it will cover all the expenses and health care services these traditional plans do not cover.

A Health Spending Accounts is as essential as a bank account for incorporated Canadian companies. Any company accountant will recommend a Health Spending Account, without reservation. One only has to examine the issues that arise if a business does not put in place a Health Spending Account.

Without a Health Spending Account at least four key issues arise:

1) Employees (or employee-owners) need to use after-tax salary to pay for health care expenses, including those expenses not covered if they happen to have a traditional health insurance plan. This results in companies overpaying Canada Revenue Agency about $2 to $4 per day per person, the bulk of which cannot be recovered
2) Only a small percentage (5% to 9%) of out-of-pocket medical expenses are recoverable by employees, at year end, through their personal taxes
3) Employers may be required to provide a wage increase to cover employee benefit costs, which is 30% to 40% more expensive than providing benefits via a Health Spending Account
4) Employees are saddled with increasing health care costs, and limited access to the services can negatively impacting employee satisfaction / retention. This can be a real issue if competitors offer a Health Spending Account to help offset these costs.

For a small businesses (especially single owner businesses) a Health Spending Accounts is not a lot different, in principle, than the treatment of mileage expenses for a vehicle. These businesses always use before-tax dollars to pay for vehicle mileage and health care is no different. If one uses before-tax dollars to pay for vehicle mileage, then why would one use any after-tax dollars to pay for health care costs?

A traditional health insurance plan is only a partial health care solution for businesses. The shocking truth is monthly health benefit plans are designed to yield a minimum of 30% in profit for the Providers when it comes to routine health care expenses. On average, a small business will get 50% to 70% of the premiums they put in – the traditional monthly plans are designed that way, especially for the smaller businesses. And, if you claim more in one year, your premiums or limitations will normally increase to maintain that minimum 70/30 ratio. Many small businesses keep these plans to cover catastrophic events (i.e. accidental dental, private nursing care, etc) but a before-tax health care solution is still essential to pickup all the remaining costs. The only way to accomplish this is with a Health Spending Account.

There are at least 7 advantages businesses can realize by putting in place a Health Spending Account. These include:

1) Paying for Health Care costs using before-tax money

2) Minimizing overpayment of health care related taxes to Canada Revenue Agency

3) Eliminate or minimize employee out-of-pocket health care expenses

4) Quick reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses to owner-employees, employees,
and dependents

5) Providing access to virtually unrestricted health care services

6) Spending 30-40% less than on health benefits than the equivalent salary increase

7) Improving employee satisfaction and retention: 50% of employees prefer health benefits vs. the equivalent salary increase – 2009 study sponsored by Health Canada

In today’s competitive business environment is it any wonder why most Canadian businesses are beginning to accept that a Health Spending Account is as essential as a bank account.

California Health Insurance Offers Services In Mexico

Since 2000, private California health insurance companies, and at least one employer group, have developed binational health insurance plans. Cross-border health insurance plans first came onto the scene after the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act of 1975 was amended to legalize and regulate binational HMOs.

Both immigrants from Mexico and U.S. citizens take advantage of the lower prices of medical services across the border. Nearly one million Hispanic and non-Hispanic white Californians seek medical care in Mexico every year, according to UCLA researchers and colleagues. Their study is published in the journal Medical Care, and it is the first large-scale population-based research on U.S. residents obtaining healthcare in Mexico to be published.

Who Seeks Healthcare outside the U.S. and Why Medical Tourism Is Growing

To study this issue, researcher used the nation’s largest state health survey. That’s an analysis of 2001 data from the California Health Interview Survey. The investigators estimated that 952,000 California adults seek dental, medical, or prescription services in Mexico each year. Only about 488,000 of these 952,000 were Mexican immigrants.

Prescription drugs were the most common medical service that non-Latino whites from California went to Mexico to obtain. As expected, cost was the primary factor.

Not surprisingly, studies show that the heaviest users of Mexican-based healthcare services are people who live closest to the border. Another factor that may weigh-in is the growing shortage of primary care physicians in the U.S.

As healthcare reform allows more people the freedom to seek medical care, the primary care physician shortage is expected to become more of a problem. This shortage affects both California and the nation. The shortage is especially evident among U.S.-based Hispanic care providers. That’s another contributing factor to the growth of cross-border California health insurance plans.

Cross-border California Health Insurance Coverage

An estimated 150,000 Californians are covered by one of several private insurance companies that provide cross-border health coverage. These plans typically offer access to emergency care in California, along with routine and hospitalization services in Mexican border towns, such as Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate and Rosarito.

Such cross-border healthcare plans are growing in popularity because healthcare costs in Mexico are estimated to be from 70 percent to 90 percent less than the same services in the U.S.

Healthcare reform may grow this cross-border market as citizens feel pressure to have California health insurance, and employers feel pressure to provide it.

How Binational Health Insurance Works

The Mexican-based Sistemas Medicos Nacionales plan was the first HMO licensed by the California Department of Managed Health Care to contract with California employers, and cover medical services in Mexico. This is the only Mexican-based HMO that covers health services provided in the U.S.

SIMNSA Medicos Nacionales contracts its network of more than 200 physicians and two clinics along the U.S.-Mexico border to Aetna and Health Net. Both insurers offer a cross-border insurance product.

In addition, Blue Shield of California’s Access Baja plan was licensed in 2000 to cover emergency services in California, and routine services in Mexico. Blue Shield of California uses its own Mexican-based provider network with members primarily located in Tijuana.

CIGNA is also reported to have filed for approval of a cross-border health insurance plan.

At present, coverage is mainly restricted to Mexican towns that are located within 50 miles of the U.S. border. People in Los Angeles or San Francisco, however, might prefer to fly to Guadalajara and Mexico City where many more health care options are available.

Growth Predicted for California Health Insurance Cross-border Plans

Dramatic expansion is expected, and a study in 2008 that was published in Health Affairs found that 62 percent of those surveyed expressed interest in a reasonably-priced cross-border health insurance policy.

Health Net’s cross-border health insurance plan, Salud HMO y Mas, has been performing well because it is more affordable than traditional plans. That gives it a particular advantage in the economic downturn.

Small employers may find that cross-border health insurance plans can be 30 percent to 40 percent less expensive than U.S. plans. For members of Health Net’s Salud HMO y Mas, co-payments for a doctor’s office visit in Mexico may be as much as 75 percent lower than co-payments in the U.S.

Medical Tourism Extends Beyond Mexico

Mexico is not the only destination of Americans traveling out of the country to receive medical treatment. High-quality treatment from U.S. board-certified surgeons can often be had for a fraction of what it would cost in the U.S. Substantial savings are available on cosmetic surgery, dental work, and even bypass surgery, and knee replacement surgery.

Americans have begun to explore, customize, and take advantage of healthcare options around the world. The need for these services is great enough that someone has stepped up to assist with medical tourism. The national leader is PlanetHospital, which has staff doctors to consult with Americans who are interested in traveling to other countries for healthcare. PlanetHospital doctors recommend appropriate surgeons and facilities, and arrange for all medical treatment.

Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses From Ohss Ireland’s Leading Occupational Health And Safety Bas

OHSS was established in 2001 as an Occupational Health and Safety based consultancy with specialists in the area of Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses.

Ohss provide the following services and assesments in the area of Safety Services & Consultancy, Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses:
Asbestos Removal & Awareness Courses From OHSS
The Asbestos Removal and Awareness Courses run by OHSS are designed for all companies or organisations where employees are liable to encounter asbestos. The current Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations 2006 lay down very strict guidelines in relation to asbestos.
OHSS can advise and train clients on the requirements necessary to ensure that they understand their responsibilities in relation to asbestos coupled with practical advice on the measures necessary to adhere to the current regulations.
Who Should Attend?
All organisations and companies but most commonly councils, HSE, schools & universities, factories, offices, government bodies, banks, shops, pubs & breweries, other building occupiers, contractors to the construction industry and to the building services industry.
Typical course attendees include managers, supervisors, tradesmen, surveyors, construction professionals such as engineers and safety officers.

Asbestos Training Courses
* Asbestos Awareness
* Low Risk Asbestos Removal Operative
* Asbestos Removal New Operative
* Asbestos Removal New Supervisor
* Asbestos Removal – Operative Refresher
* Asbestos Removal – Supervisor Refresher
* Managing Asbestos for Supervisory Licence holders
* BOHS P401 – Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples
* BOHS P402 – Building Surveys & Bulk Sampling
* BOHS P403 – Asbestos Fibre Counting
* BOHS P405 – Management of Asbestos in Buildings
* BOHS P406 – Supervision and Management of the Safe Removal & Disposal of Asbestos
* BOHS S301 – Asbestos and Other Fibres

Drink Fenugreek Tea For Good Health

Fenugreek tea is popular where it is naturally harvested, which is in nations adjoining the Mediterranean and onwards to India. Not only is it used to augment foods but also as a very popular refreshing drink.

The beverage itself contains only the fenugreek seeds. They are easily found in supermarkets, specialty supermarkets or your local health food store. It suffices to comment that the better the quality, the better the resulting beverage.

Brewing the tea is easy – a walk in the park, even, so don’t be worried that you have to make this drink with seeds as opposed to herbs. As a general rule, use one teaspoon of fennel seeds to one cup of water. Put them in a pot and boil them for at least five minutes. If you like a stronger taste, then boil them for up to ten minutes. This is something you can play around with until you come up with your perfect cup. Now just remove the pan from the heat and cover. Leave for another ten to fifteen minutse – the same principles apply – the longer you leave it, the stronger it will become so monitor this carefully. When you believe it is ready, strain the mixture into a mug or cup. You can now throw away the seeds as they have done their job. This drink tastes good hot or cold (try it with ice and lemon when it is hot outside).

Fenugreek is a really healthy choice. It is great for digestion and anything related to the digestive process. It actually has quite a lot of fiber which is why it is often used as a laxative. The fiber swells in the colon, and helps take away toxic waste from your body. Many people drink this tea to detoxify themselves or as part of a detox program. In fact you will find that many of the teas sold as “detox teas” have fenugreek as one of the main items. It is a great tea is you have a cough or any bronchitis related problems as fenugreek helps to get rid of excess mucus in the body. It can even be used to help new mothers increase their flow of milk.

This tea can also be used as a paste to help with skin irritation, swelling and insectstings. For the paste, just mix around three tablespooons of powdered fenugreek seeds to around one quart of boiled water. Let this mixture stand and when it is cold it will be of a thick consistency. You can either buy ground fenugreek seeds for this or you can do this yourself in a grinder or kitchen machine.

With all these benefits as well as a great taste, it is obvious that fenugreek tea should take a favorite place in your kitchen.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Consuming Shilajit Capsules

Health care is for reverence as the expense to it exceeds the benefits of good health. The present life is full of stress and tension due to competition, as well as growing pollution, which affect our healthy living. The act to enjoy fruits of our hard work requires good health. The Mother Nature protects us from all the ills of today’s world with precious substance like Shilajit that has been under process by nature for years together in the mountainous regions. Such a precious Shilajit exudates in a blackish brown color in locations like Himalayas, Caucasus Mountains, Altai Mountains, Tibet mountains and mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. Shilajit, the precious gift from nature, embrace with an amazing 85 minerals in ionic form, as well as triterpenes, humic acid and fulvic acid, all in store in Shilajit ES capsules and much more in it that we are to see here.

The enhancement in Shilajit ES capsules is in execution with additional herbs such as Safed Musli, Kesar, and Shatavari. The Shilajit need further adoration to substantiate on its health benefits and when it is in combination with other herbs, the well-being of who consume it, as a health supplement, is beyond description and they are sure to live with exuberance and pink of their health. Early ayurvedic writings of Caraka Samhita and Susruta Samhita prescribe shilajit as a universal remedy for all disease and enable man to live for a whooping longevity from 100 to 1000 years of age with its rejuvenating properties. The constituents of Shilajit are more of humus and organic plant material that stood the test of time as by compression of layers of rock, which are an amalgam of microbial metabolites. All the above said goodness of Shilajit is in store in Shilajit ES capsules, which tailors to the needs of the health of humankind.

One more feather in the cap of Shilajit ES capsules to give the best health benefits is Asparagus racemosus with multiple names such as Satawar, Satamuli, and Shatavari. The multiple remedial properties are with Asparagus racemosus such as prevention of ageing; improve longevity, and last but not the least is the gain of immunity. When such a potent Asparagus racemosus is in the constituent of Shilajit ES capsules, one need not worry at all on their health, as Shilajit ES capsules takes care of all ailments. The major ailments such as ulcers, nervous disorders, dyspepsia, tumors, inflammation, neuropathy, and hepatopath are at bay with Shilajit ES capsules, thanks to the, Asparagus racemosus root extracts which has the healing properties and does the magic.

Not with standing all, good health is a fruit of regular exercise and wholesome diet. The wholesome diet varies with age as well as the health issues that compound each one. However, high fiber diet with goodness of almonds, dates, walnuts as well as greens with less of high fatty fast food augur well to good health. Exercise shall include aerobic exercise, brisk walking for minimum half an hour as well as in take of Shilajit ES capsules as recommended in the pack will help one to enjoy life fully, sexually as well as free from any ailments.