What you can gain from entering the health care sector


Healthcare is considered one of the top employment sectors in the US right now. Healthcare jobs are often well-paid and include excellent benefits packages alongside the great feeling of doing a vital job helping and caring for other people. For the top jobs, you also need to be extremely well qualified, but it is also possible to enter the healthcare sector without an extensive academic background.

Job satisfaction

To become a qualified doctor requires a college degree followed by medical school and usually an internship, but the rewards in terms of job satisfaction and salary are considerable. Dentistry is another popular choice of medical career, and dentists are some of the most highly paid healthcare professionals in the US. After all, while we may go many years without seeing a doctor, most of us recognize the necessity of visiting the dentist for a check-up at least every six months. As a result, this highly skilled job is regarded as essential to every community.

Becoming a dental hygienist is also considered an excellent career, assisting dentists and providing counselling and advice on oral health. Dental hygienists often work in schools, colleges and corporations or hold research positions. Over half of all American dental hygienists work part-time, earning around $34 per hour. This allows for a great work-life balance, and could be a perfect choice for a working mother or someone pursuing further studies.

Increasing demand

Occupational and physical therapists are in increasing demand as the population ages while other jobs within the sector include sonographer, medical technician, pharmacist, nutritionist, optician, home health aide, paramedic, and vet. Working abroad can also widen your options and your experience. It is also worth remembering that healthcare is a business, and so there are also many rewarding business roles in the industry as well as those jobs on the frontline.

Working abroad

Dr. Marie Charles is a global healthcare entrepreneur who founded the Tiger Healthcare Private Equity Fund and the Global Medic Force. While she initially trained as a doctor, her experiences working abroad convinced Dr. Charles that she could do more good by working to improve healthcare infrastructure around the world. Aiming to offer affordable quality treatment in developing countries, she works with multinational investors and sponsors to fill gaps in the healthcare system across Africa and Asia.

Global Medic Force continues to work with thousands of volunteers around the world. They are carefully selected and then trained to work with a wide range of illnesses, giving the volunteers invaluable practice and experience for their future careers. Other independent international medical organizations, such as the Red Cross or Medecins Sans Frontieres, also take on trained medical staff, both paid and unpaid, to work in parts of the world blighted by poverty, disease, war or natural disasters.

Whatever area of the healthcare sector you choose to work in, volunteering is a great way to gain a wide range of experience and make an informed choice. Healthcare is an immensely rewarding field, and working abroad will give you a broader perspective that could be life-changing, for you as well as the people you help along the way.